Natural Stone

At Canterbury Courtyards, we supply a wide range of pavers, pool surrounds, wall cladding and cobbles in natural stone, bringing striking natural beauty to all of your outdoor entertainment and patio areas.

Our natural stone products are premium standard, ensuring enduring appearance and versatility.




Our Bluestone products include pavers, copers, cladding and cobble stones for use in a wide range of outdoor applications.

Bluestone presents a natural, prestigious and timeless style that is guaranteed to add elegance to any setting.

This hard wearing volcanic rock is available in a variety shapes and textures, making it suitable for all areas outdoors.  An extremely dense rock, Bluestone is tremendously versatile from paving slabs and wall cladding, to pool coping and edging.

Bluestone has been a favourite building material for hundreds of years in Victoria and the enduring historic buildings made from this natural stone is testament to it's durability and suitability to withstand even the most vigorous environments.

Bluestone comes in a range of finishes, including honed for smooth satin-like texture, sawn for a slip-resistant finish, square edged or bullnosed or shaped for pool coping and even cobblestones for a stunning sophisticated appearance.


Natural Travertine

Travertine natural stone paver suppliesA characterful natural stone formed from deposits in hot mineral springs, Travertine is extremely hard wearing and makes ideal pavers for all areas. It's rustic finish is a favourite in Australian outdoor settings with it's variable patina and textures. Due to it's composition, natural Travertine is totally weather resistant and is naturally hypoallergenic and fairly slip-resistant.

It's durability is borne out by the fact that many of the great Roman buildings that are still standing today, were built from this remarkable hard wearing stone!

As Travertine is a natural product, so no two pavers are exactly the same, resulting in a truly natural, non-contrived appearance to your outdoor settings.

Travertine can also be polished for indoor use, creating a gloss marble-like appearance.

Outdoor or indoor, Travertine adds an ambience of sophistication and elegance wherever it is used.


Natural stepping stones supplies MelbourneStep Stones

Stepping stones in natural stone make a practical and attractive walkway through your outdoor settings.

Because stepping stones are typically less formal than a paved patio or courtyard, many of our natural stone products lend themselves to this application.

Select from a range of natural materials including, Sandstone, Granite, Slate, Bluestone, Porphrystone and other natural stone.  Stepping stones can be laid down in naturally occurring shapes and textures, or shaped stones are also available. Because they are hewn from naturally occurring rock, they offer a variety of colours, hues and textures to add informal interest to any garden.

As pathways across lawns or dressed areas, natural stone steps bring an organic, creative flair to the outdoor areas, allowing you the freedom to design the landscape and walkways to your own requirements.

Even as individual stones, they are often used under planters and garden ornaments, for example, to gain a rustic look to your settings.



Cobblestone driveway supplies MelbourneWhere versatility in layout and design is required, natural stone cobbles provide a perfect solution to create imaginative and organic shaped surfaces in your outdoor areas.

Our natural cobblestone products come in a wide ranging variety of materials, colours and textures and are ideal for high traffic areas, especially, but not exclusively, driveways.

Because cobblestones are part of our natural stone range, they can be matched with pavers, edgers and cladding from the same material to ensure continuity and complimentary design.

One of the major benefits of using cobblestone in certain areas, is their adaptability to the shape and contours of the area you are using them for.  Their small size, enables you to create flexible shapes and curves in your design.  They are also more forgiving in undulating areas, where large flat pavers may be impossible to lay successfully.

The possibilities are almost endless when using natural cobblestone, but the outcome is consistently stunning!


Pool Coping

Pool coping and edging supplier MelbourneNatural stone is ideal for pool coping and all areas around sunken swimming pools.

Natural stone, by its very nature, is durable and hard wearing.  Most natural stone materials can be hewn and shaped to suit any pool, whether square edged, rounded, bullnosed or curved.

Stain resistance and impermeability are paramount around pool areas whilst the beauty of natural stone enhances the landscaping design.

The choice is huge! From the warm hues of Bluestone, the earthy rustic charm of Sandstone or the sophistication of Travertine and more, Canterbury Courtyards will have the perfect natural stone product for your pool area.



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